LED Tiles

These 26 LED tiles may be small, but they’re really bright.

LED Tiles

LED Tiles


  • Specifications: 26 tiles available for rent
  • Operating voltage: 12VDC (+/- 0.5V)
  • Current: 180mA (nominal) per tile
  • Current per circuit: 4 Amp max per circuit (may require cross-linking beyond a two Amps (2A) load for even distribution of the load)
  • Load distribution characteristics: Cross-linking tiles distributes current, improves thermal management, and provides more even distribution of light output
  • Beam angle: 120 degrees
  • Diffusion distance: Sufficiently diffused at 26mm from PCB
  • Power: < 1.8 watts per tile
  • Dimensions: Length 89mm x width 89 mm x height 8mm
  • Thermal management: Small arrays (<8 qty.) per channel may use convection cooling / open to ambient air at approx. 25C. Large arrays (>8 qty) per channel may require a forced air cooling depending on encapsulation or orientation.
  • Heat output: < 1.8 watts per tile (heat output) at 12V
  • Operating life at room temperature (estimated average): 1000 hours

Color Temperatures (CRI) (+/- 1000K per designation)

  • 2400k very warm white
  • 3000k warm white
  • 4500k neutral white
  • 6000k daylight white

Light output

  • 980 Lux per Tile (on axis at 1 ft.)
  • Measured from 6000k CCT (output varies per LED type and color temp.)
  • 91 lumens per tile (+/- 10%)
  • Calculated approximate Lumen rating from Lux measurement
  • Roughly equivalent to a 20W incandescent light bulb total output, if focused

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