Cars 3 at Target

Our great team secured a victory with this fun and fast paced project.

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Cars 3 at Target

Team work makes the dream work

It takes a great team with the right talent and tools to keep Disney•PIXAR's legendary Lightning McQueen at the height of his performance. The same is true for our amazing team at SCPS. In-house, we provide all of the necessary tools, personnel, and talent to take any client’s dream and turn it into a reality. Our most recent collaboration with Tool and 72andSunny for Disney•PIXAR's Cars 3 and Target is a great example of our well-orchestrated machine in action.

The client first came to us with a great idea of the signature cars from the movie racing around a child’s room, looping in and out movie product available at Target. Through our interactive design process, our artists helped them to develop their idea into a final design. 

To further immerse the client into the project, our creative technologists created a virtual reality space centered around their design, giving them the opportunity to see from every angle how it would look and function.

This digital work was then used to assist our artisans and fabricators as they began construction and detailing of the 20 foot diameter set. Our electrical team modified the race cars to have them perform to our rigorous route of jumps and loops. Everything was successfully completed in 10 days and sent off to set for the shooting of this super-charged cross-branding campaign.  KA-CHOW!!

Enjoy the commercial spot below.

The Oh My Disney Show created a behind the scenes look at this project. Enjoy a clip from their show below.