Saint Laurent: Mirror Art Pieces

Building these art pieces for Saint Laurent had us spinning.

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Saint Laurent: Mirror Art Pieces

Mirror, Mirror...

Saint Laurent is always on the cutting edge of fashion, constantly evolving with the times, never stale or stagnant. This same sentiment is reflected in their vitrine collection, otherwise known as window displays. These beautiful pieces of art lure the crowd, delighting the senses with mesmerizing, animated details and captivating lighting. Saint Laurent’s latest vitrine design takes inspiration from a deconstructed disco ball whose mirrored squares have been morphed into individual spinning gems, dispersed along a glimmering framework of both vertical and horizontal tubes of laser cut chrome.

At the core

...of every gem is a separately controlled, custom made motor programmed to spin at varying speeds and patterns. Encasing the motors are nylon glass-filled injection molded mounts we were able to produce in six days for all 521 motors. These motors activate gears housed within the gems allowing them to durably spin for 24 hours a day for days on end.

The outer structure

...of each gem is engineered as a clamshell encasing each motor in a magnetized embrace. This design allows for ease of assembly during the brief window of time allotted for installation, which occurs when the boutique closes in the evening to when it opens the next morning.

The final art pieces

...stood eight and ten feet tall and engulfed their surroundings with continuously revolving reflected light. Although these dazzling structures could only be experienced in the Paris and New York boutiques, we have captured a bit of their beauty in the recordings below. Enjoy!

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